Sunday, March 26, 2017

Uptown Living & Visitors

I had promised myself to keep up with this blog like I used to when we were in med school, as I feel is the best family "diary" I have. But of course, days get busy and Nolan is turning out to be a little energizer bunny, and just keeps going, and going, and going! Which leaves me with very little time to write or do anything extra. Still, I adore his tiny face, so I'm soaking it all up before he turns into a full fledged toddler! Which, he is turning into, an is making me so saddd! but that's for another post. 

A week ago our friends from Dallas came to visit! It's always so fun to have family and friends from Dallas come down for the first time to New Orleans, I love getting their reaction to this city! New Orleans is CHARMING, but it's OLD, and broken down! It's definitely not shiny and new, but to me, it has really captured my heart! There's something really amazing about such a historic rich city! In fact, I never understood people when they would talk about how much they love "their city" whatever city that was, usually New York or California, I just never got the whole "love the city you live in" thing because to me, Dallas was just a city that I love because the people I love live there, the city could have been any city really. And then, I met New Orleans! 

New Orleans is unique to say the least. It's like a mix of the store Anthropologie mashed up with a dumpster = New Orleans. Truly. I love that it's not perfectly manicured, and I love how each cafe or park looks like they could belong in a movie. The architecture and little shops and bakeries make it feel like I could easily be in Europe.. the homes are dreamy and it feels like you are stuck in another time period in the past but not really. We love living in Uptown for those reasons and because I feel Uptown is the heart and soul of New Orleans.

Anyway, back to our friends visiting! We went to the 'Lafayette Cemetery' with the Moreno's a and we took too many pictures! But these are the ones that I thought were creepiest! 

Open grave! ^ :O

All over New Orleans you will find gorgeous trees like these! I don't know why, but I just love taking pictures of them, I have too many pictures of trees on my phone, so here is another one of a tree outside of the kids school.

Alison and I in Jackson Square! We loved the music and magic shows street performers put on!

Lots of Art in the French Quarter!

yummy beignets! 

French Quarter! The verdict was in! The Moreno's enjoyed their trip here! They ate a ton of food, good food, so it was OK, but we pigged out!  

OK, how creepy cool is this pic?! ^ we woke up to the thickest fog the other day, and again, it feels like i could easily be in a vampire movie! New Orleans is definitely a cool backdrop for my stupid day dreams.... 

So, yeah, NOLA is cool, we are loving the city living here and are currently open to more visitors! I think as far as NOW, we plan on living here for the next 10-15 years... thank goodness we like it this much! 


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